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Titanium Rectangular Tube

Brand : Hagrien

Product origin : China

Titanium parts processing

1. Provide drawings: size specifications, material requirements, precision requirements, the number of processing, processing time.

2. Sample processing: reference size, reference material, design drawings, precision requirements, the number of processing, processing time.


Titanium rectangular tube description

Titanium: 304 Stainless Steel Black Titanium Rectangular Tube Black Titanium, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, Sapphire, Green, Brown, Bronze, Purple, Gray, Bronze Pipe, Brushed 304 Stainless Steel Black Titanium Rectangular Tube Black Titanium, Titanium, Violet, brushed titanium, brushed black titanium, brushed rose gold, brushed champagne gold, brushed gemstone blue, brushed green, brushed brown, brushed bronze, brushed purple, brushed gray, brushed bronze, brushed violet, Gold, Mirror Black Titanium, Mirror Rose Gold, Mirror Champagne Gold, Mirror Sapphire, Mirror Green, Mirror Brown, Mirror Bronze, Mirror Purple, Mirror Gray, Mirror Blue Bronze, Mirror Rose, and others

304 stainless steel black titanium rectangular tube processing: screens, hangers, wardrobes, wine racks, stair railing, wine racks, shelves, furniture, tea sets, cut off the screen, a variety of drawing, to map custom, processing is absolutely fine, the price Really discount, quality assurance, product eligibility.

Stainless steel titanium pipe material and specifications: SUS 304,304 L, 316 L, 201

1, tube: 0.8 ~ 609.6mm thickness: 0.4 ~ 8.0mm

2, square tube: 3x3 ~ 400400mm thickness: 0.4 ~ 6.0mm

3, rectangular tube: 4x6 ~ 200400mm thickness: 0.4 ~ 6.0mm

4, flower tube: 15.9 ~ 76.2mm thickness: 0.4 ~ 1.5mm

5, angle: 15x15 ~ 75x75mm thickness: 1.2 ~ 6.0mm

Welcome customers Sales Inquiries Stainless steel square electroplating bronze rose gold brown color stainless steel color titanium black (black titanium), sky blue, titanium, gem blue, brown, brown, purple, red bronze, bronze, champagne gold, rose Gold, purple, titanium dioxide, green, green, etc .; Heat resistance: immersion in boiling water for 28 days below 200 ℃ exposed to five weeks, long-term exposure below 250 ℃, heated to 400 ℃, no obvious color film Change; wear resistance and anti-scoring performance: With the pressure of 500g / cm2, rubber friction more than 2000 times does not change color, with 300g steel needle scratches do not cut through.

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